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MountainView Pharmacy
1275 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 170
Marietta, GA 30067

Phone: 770-272-9612
Fax: 770-272-9613

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Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
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About Us
The Lesson of the Doctor

Do you go to a retail Doctor's office chain where doctors get transferred at management's pleasure, leaving your medical history behind for some new guy to learn all-over-again? Likely not. In fact, you've probably dealt with the same family doctor for years and like it that way. Why should it be any different with your pharmacy? Why must you always have to settle for some new Guy at the whims of some retail drug chain's district manager?

At MountainView you'll never have to settle because we believe a good relationship with your pharmacist is not only nice but necessary. Here you can expect service to be just as personalized and long-term as what you get from your family doctor. So get to know our pharmacist and say 'Good bye' to the New Guy for good?

The Lesson of the Pizza Delivery

When you order from a typical Pizza Delivery, do they make you come to the store to pick up your food? Do you have to wait in a long line to place your order only to have another long wait before you get your food? Do you have to drop off your order a few hours ahead of time before you can expect to pick it up it? The answer to all three, 'Absolutely not!' A good Pizza Delivery makes serving your meal so convenient that all you have to is make a phone call and, before you know it, your pie is to your doorstep, piping hot.

MountainView works for you just like the successful Pizza delivery. We allow you to forget the long queues and multiple trips to a retail drug chain, usually over the same prescription. So have your doctor call MountainView and we'll schedule you to try out our timely, convenient, discreet delivery service.

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